Application for Foreign Experts Certificate
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Updating Data for Foreign Experts Certificate

Should any changes occur to one's personal data showing on Foreign Experts Certificate, such as passport number, post and residence address, the applicant can ask Guangzhou Foreign Experts Bureau for updating personal data by presenting relevant supporting documents, such as new passport and the employer's official letter.

Renewing Foreign Experts Certificate

"Foreign Experts Certificate" should be renewed when it expires, otherwise it will be invalid. To renew Foreign Experts Certificate, the applicant should submit the employer's official letter, valid employment contract signed by foreign experts and the employer, and valid "Foreign Experts Certificate".

Reapplying for Foreign Experts Certificate in Accidental Missing

When one loses the Foreign Experts Certificate, he or she shall make a statement in local newspaper declaring his/her Foreign Experts Certificate void, and then reapply the Certificate by the newspaper with the very announcement andhe employer's official letter.

Experts Certificate Applying for Hongkong, Taiwan and Macao people

The professional personnel from Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan who are employed in Guangzhou can apply for 'Certificate of Experts from Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan' at Guangzhou Foreign Experts Bureau and enjoy equal honor and treatment as foreign experts. Refer to `Foreign Expert Certificate' for the method of applying for the certificate.

Issuing Authority

Guangzhou Foreign Experts Bureau

Tel:83126037, 83126038

Address: Rm.401/402, 4th Building West, 1 Fuqian Rd., Guangzhou

PC 510032



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