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Procedure for Foreign Experts to Work and Live in Guangzhou

Foreign Experts who are employed in Guangzhou according to relevant regulations is exempt from applying for "Employment Permit" or "Employment Certificate". Instead, "Foreign Experts Working Permit", Z Visa, "Foreign Experts Certificate" and "Alien Residence Permit" are required. The procedure is as follows:

1.Employers should help foreign experts to apply for `Foreign Experts Working Permit' at Guangzhou Foreign Experts Bureau (before foreign expert's entry into China)

2.Applying for Z Visa at overseas Chinese visa authorities (before entry into China)

3.Applying for `Foreign Experts Certificate' at Guangzhou Foreign Experts Bureau (within 15 days after arrival in Guangzhou)

4.Applying for 'Alien Residence Permit' at Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau (within 30 days after arrival in Guangzhou)


Foreign Experts Working Permit

Foreign Experts who are employed for working in China shall apply for "Foreign Experts Working Permit".

The application for "Foreign Experts Working Permit" is free of charge. If the applicant is qualified and can provide complete and authentic materials, the application process onlytakes three working days.

Applicant's Documents

1.Application Form for "Foreign Experts Working Permit" (download from the website of Guangzhou Foreign Experts Bureau);

2.Resume (including educational background and working experiences);

3.Photocopy of the last degree diploma or professional qualification certificate;

4.Health Certificate issued by foreign medical treatment organizations authorized by Chinese embassy or consulate, or issued by health and quarantine departments designated by Chinese government;

5.Employment Agreement or Contract:

(1) Foreign experts in Category I shall submit a photocopy of relevant project agreement or project approval document;

(2) Foreign experts in Category II shall submit a photocopy of "Certificate of Authorized Qualification for Employment of Foreign Cultural and Educational Experts" of the employer or the serial number of said Certificate, and the standard employment contract uniformly printed by State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs and concluded with the employer;

(3) Foreign experts in Category III shall submit a photocopy of Appointment Letter or Employment Contract from the enterprise;

(4) Foreign experts in Category IV shall submit a photocopy of approval document for representative offices permanently stationed in China and Appointment Letter for Foreign Representative or other documents with same legal force;

(5) Foreign experts in Category V shall submit aphotocopy of Employment Agreement or Contract.

Issuing Authority

Guangzhou Foreign Experts Bureau

Tel: 83126037, 83126038

Address: Rm.401/402, 4th Building West, 1 Fuqian Rd., Guangzhou

PC 510032


Notice: To apply for relevant certificates, applicant's documents shall be submitted to Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs of Guangdong Province if the employer directly affiliated to central or provincial government; in some other cases, applicant's documents shall be submitted to Guangzhou Foreign Experts Bureau according to the local administration principles.


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