How to apply for Press Card and Bureau Licence
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1. Applying for Accreditation in China

According to the "Regulations Concerning Foreign Journalists and Permanent Offices of Foreign News Agencies" (hereafter referred to as the "Regulations"), resident foreign correspondents refer to career journalists dispatched by foreign news agencies to be stationed in China for a period of over six months for news coverage and reporting. They may be based in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong and Shenzhen in China. The Information Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (hereafter as Information Department) is in charge of the affairs concerning resident foreign correspondents in China. With the authorization of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Foreign Affairs Offices (FAO) of Shanghai Municipal and Guangdong Provincial Government (GDFAO) are respectively responsible for foreign resident correspondents in Shanghai and Guangdong.

To station a resident correspondent in China, foreign news agencies shall first submit a written application to the Information Department. The application may be sent directly to the Information Department or through an embassy or consulate of the People's Republic of China. The application should be signed by relevant management personnel in the agency's head office and should include:

1.) A brief description containing basic information about the news agency concerned.

2.) The name, age, gender, nationality, professional title, resume, and intended city of residence of the correspondent to be sent.

3.) Credentials or documents identifying the correspondent as a career journalist

Upon approval of the application, the news agency may send the correspondent to China. If two or more foreign news agencies want to appoint the same journalist as their resident correspondent in China, they should go through the above-mentioned application procedures separately and indicate in their respective applications the posts the correspondent will concurrently hold.

2. Applying for a Press Card

The Press Card is the bearer's ID card in China. Foreign correspondents must carry and present it for verification when conducting interviews and reporting. When interviewing or traveling, foreign correspondents are required to carry valid documents with them, including the Press Card and passport.

New Resident Correspondents

Foreign correspondents who have been approved to station in Beijing should register at the International Press Center (IPC) of the Ministry of Foreign affairs within seven working days after their arrival in China. Correspondents to be based in Shanghai or Guangdong should register at the Shanghai or Guangdong FAO respectively. Each new correspondent should bring its passport and a letter of appointment signed by relevant management personnel at the headquarters of the correspondent's news agency, such as a chairman, president, vice president, editor-in-chief, deputy editor-in-chief, etc. They will be asked to fill out two copies of registration form and submit six passport photos. They will then receive a Press Card issued by the Information Department subsequently. Correspondents to be stationed in Shanghai and Guangdong will receive their Press Card from the Shanghai and Guangdong FAO respectively.

Correspondents representing two or more news agencies

In accordance with the "Regulations", if a foreign resident correspondent works for more than one news agency, the chief of the news agency's headquarters should submit a written application to the Information Department for approval. The correspondent should then take the registration materials to the IPC (Beijing), Shanghai or Guangdong FAO and obtain the Press Card that specifies the agencies that he/she represents.

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