8609 Foreign Invested Enterprise Newly Set up in Five Months
2013-June-28 Source: Newsgd.com
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According to the statistic of Ministry of Commerce released on June 18, 2013, 8609 foreign invested enterprises have been established from January to May in 2013, with a decline of 7.04%, while the use of foreign capital grew by 1.03% to USD 47.595 billion. In May, the use of foreign capital was USD 9.256 billion, with a slight increase of 0.29% compared to last year. It is apparent that there are three traits for the attraction of foreign capital.

First, the service industry kept drawing foreign capital. In the last five months, only USD 583 million were injected into agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery industries, dropping by 15.22% and taking up 1.23% of national volume. The manufacture industry attracted USD 20.882 billion, decreasing by 1.39%. And foreign capital of USD 22.995 billion flooded to the service industry, with a rise of 4.03%.

Second, the foreign investment from the EU and the US grew steadily. 6887 companies were set up by the investors from ten regions/courtiers in Asia (Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, Philippine, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and North Korea) and fell by 4.4%, inter alia, Hong Kong with USD 30,452 billion and a rise with 1.73%, Japan with USD 3.405 billion and a growth of 5.72%, Thailand with USD 444 million and a rocket jump of 706.72%. Though the number of companies set up by US investors were only 451 companies and plummeted 21.02%, while the capital contribution ascended to USD 1.58 billion with a lift of 22.62%. This is also true to the EU investors, the number of the newly established companies were 588, falling by 14.16%, while the capital injection went up by 24.13%, reaching USD 3.452 billion.

Third, more and more foreign investment came to the west region. The east attracted foreign investment of USD 39.679 billion with a downward of 1.29%. The central used USD 4.175 billion with an upward of 8.19%. And the west drew foreign money of USD 3.741 billion and propelled by 22.54%.

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