Rules and procedures on adoption registration by foreigners
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To make convenience for the foreigners to adopt children in Guangdong Province, rules and procedures on adoption registration by foreigners are enacted as follows:

1. Conditions of Adopter, Consigner and Adoptee

(1) Conditions of Adopter

a. Have no child

b. Have the ability to bring up and educate the adoptee

c. Have no disease that is medically considered not suitable to adopt a child

d. Have an age of over 30

No limitations for the person to adopt orphan, deformity child, or abandoned baby and child whose own parents cannot be found and who is raised by social welfare institutions. If a male person with no spouse adopts a female person, he will be over 40 years older then the adoptee.

(2) Conditions of Consigner

a. Be a guardian of the orphan

b. Be a social welfare institution

c. Child's own parents have no ability to raise the child

(3) Conditions of Adoptee

a. An orphan who has lost parents

b. An abandoned baby or child whose own parents cannot be found

c. A child whose own parents have no ability to raise the child.

2. Credentials and Materials Provided by Adopter and Consigner

(1) Credentials and Materials Provided by Adopter

a. Transnational adoption application

b. Certificate of birth

c. Certificate of marriage status

d. Certificates of profession, economic incomes and financial status

e. Certificate of heath

f. Certificate of having or having no criminal punishment

g. Transnational adoption consent certificate of the authorities of the adopter's own country.

h. Family situation report (including adopter's ID card, qualification and adaptability of adoption, family status and medical history of adopter, motivation of adoption, characteristics for taking care of children, etc.)

All credentials, certificates and materials of the adopter must be sent to China Adoption Center by the adoptive organization approved by the government of the adopter's own country. China Adoption Center issue the “Notification for Adoption of Children in China” to the adopter and "Notification of Foreign Adoption"to Guangdong Provincial department for Civil Affairs upon approval of the adopter's application for adoption.

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