Application and registration procedures for adoption
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1. Registration Procedures for Foreigner Adopters to Come to Guangdong to Handle Formalities for Adoption

(1) Application and Registration

a. If a foreign adopter would like to adopt an abandoned baby or orphan raised by a welfare institution within the jurisdiction of Guangdong, he/she makes appointment of a date for handling adoption registration with Guangdong Adoption Registration Center upon he/she received the "Notification for Adoption of Children in China".

b. Guangdong Adoption Registration Center inform the consigner (the director of social welfare institution, here social welfare institution as consigner) of the date on which the foreign adopter will come to handle adoption registration upon it received the "Notification of Foreign consignment" and ask the consigner to work out the consignment registration and approval and examination report.

c.The foreign adopters will meet the adoptee after they arrive in Guangdong. After showing their"Notice of Traveling To China For Adoption", they shall conclude The Agreement Of Entrusting Guardianship In The Harmonious Period and adoption agreement with the person placing out the child for adoption (the person in charge of the welfare institute).

d. The adopter and the adoptee meet each other to create emotional ties.

(2) Issuing Adoption Registration Certificate after Examination and Approval

The adopter, the person placing out the child for adoption and the adoptee must personally appear at Adoption Registration Center Of Guangdong Province for adoption registration , The adopter shall submit the following documents:

a."Notice of Traveling To China For Adoption" issued by CCAA;

b. The original and one copy of the identity credential;

c. Application for Adoption Registration completed by the adopter and the person placing out the child for adoption;

d. the triplicate adoption agreement concluded by the adopter and the person placing out the child for adoption

e. one photo(passport-sized) of each adopter;

f. In case a married couple adopt a child in concert and one party of them cannot appear, a power of attorney for adoption notarized by a notary public in their country and authenticated by the Chinese Embassy or consulate stationed in their country shall be submitted.

Where the aforementioned documents are complete and valid the registration organ shall conduct examination within 7 days from the next date of the receipt of the application for adoption registration.. Where the application is in conformity with the requirements stipulated in "Adoption Law of The People's Republic of China" and "Measures for Registration of Adoption of Children by Foreigners in The People's Republic of China", the adoption shall be registered for adopter and an "adoption registration certificate" be issued . The adoptive relationship shall be established as of the date of registration.

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