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Application for Residence Permits

Foreign resident correspondents and your accompanying family members (spouses, parents and children under age 18) shall enter China with Visa J-1 and shall, within 30 days of entry, apply for residence permits to the Public Security Bureau.

In applying for residence permits, you are obliged to answer relevant inquiries and submit the following documents:

1. The original and photocopy of your valid passport and Chinese visa;

2. A form of Application for Visa and Residence Permit which you have filled correctly, and one of your recent passport-size 2 inch photos (full face without hat);

3. Registration Forms of Temporary Accommodation for Aliens issued by local street police station (excluding those lodging at guesthouse or hotel);

4. The original and photocopy of your Press Card and photocopy of the Certificate of Resident Foreign Press issued by the Information Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;

5. Official letters from Foreign Affairs Office of People's Government of Guangdong Province;

6. Health Certificates issued by Guangdong Exit-Entry Inspection and Quarantine Bureau (for applicants aged 18 or above and will reside in Guangdong for one year or more);

7. In addition, necessary documents from your family members are required as follows: marriage certificate for your spouse, kinship certificate for your parents; birth certificate for your children. In case your family members apply for residence permits separately, they are required to submit the original and photocopy of your passport and residence permit.

If you enter China by holding visa J-2 and apply for residence permit as a resident correspondent, you are required to submit an official letter from the Information Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or from the Foreign Affairs Office of the People's Government of Guangdong Province.

Re-application for Visas and Residence Permits

Aliens holding new passports and re-applying for Visa J-2 or residence permits shall submit additional documents as follows:

1. Those who have lost your passports and obtained new passports shall submit certificates of reporting the lost passports issued by the department of entry-exit administration of public security organs or the diplomatic notes from your embassies or consulates in China;

2. Those who have obtained new passports due to your passports expiring or running out of visa pages should submit your passports used on your current entry;

3. Alien infants born in China with an independent passport shall submit their birth certificates and photocopies of their parents' passports.

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