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PRD Repositioned as China's "Reform Test Field"
Latest Updated at 2009-April-22 11:24:23

An Outline of the Plan for the Reform and Development of the Pearl River Delta (PRD) was approved last year by the State Council enabling PRD and the whole province to be a new test field for the country as it works to deepen economic reform and open itself to the outside world.

According to the plan, the PRD, together with Hong Kong and Macao SARs, will be forged into a globally competitive area in the Asia-Pacific region by 2020.

The outline focuses on the nine PRD cities, including Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Foshan, Jiangmen, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Huizhou and Zhaoqing, and reaching out to the rest parts of Guangdong.


According to the Outline, the PRD will be upgraded into:

1. An experimental region for exploring the patterns of scientific development for the country.

2. A pilot region for further reforms and an "experimental field" for nationwide reforms.

3. An important international gateway for expanding the "one country, two systems" national guideline. The region will further its international and regional co-operation, elevate the overall level of its economic internationalization and improve its open economic system.

4. A world-class base for advanced manufacturing and modern service industries. The region will develop a system of service industries to match Hong Kong as an international financial center and develop into an international center for shipping, logistics, trade, conferences and exhibitions, and tourism.

5. An important national economic center to influence and lead surrounding regions in the Pan-Pearl River Delta area.


Under the Outline, the region will have a mid-term target for 2012 and a decade-target for 2020.

By 2012, the PRD region's per capita GDP will have reached RMB 80,000, with the service industries accounting for 53 percent of the growth. The per capita incomes for urban and rural residents will have increased remarkably com-pared with those of 2007. The average life expectancy will have reached 78 years and the social security system will cover all urban and rural areas

By 2020, the region will have realized modernization ahead of other regions, established a sound system of socialist market economy and formed an industrial structure featuring modern service industries and advanced manufacturing industries.

The per capita GDP of the region will have reached RMB 135,000, with service industries accounting for 60 percent of the total. Income levels for the urban and rural residents are expected to have doubled compared with those of 2012 and the average life expectancy will have reached 80 years.


Under the Outline, the region will build a modern industrial system by promoting the integration between informatization and industrialization, prioritizing the development of modern service industries, speeding up the development of advanced manufacturing industries, developing hi-tech industries vigorously, renovating and upgrading the traditional industries with advantages, and actively developing modern agriculture.

PRD will conduct in-depth co-operation with Hong Kong and Macao in modern service industries, focusing on the development of finance, convention and exhibition service, logistics, information service, science and technology service, commercial service, ser-vice outsourcing industry, culture and creation industry, headquarter economy, and tourism, to comprehensively advance the development level of the service industries.

The region will improve the system, mechanism and policy environment for independent innovation, setting up an open regional innovative system in which enterprises play the leading roles. Guided by the market demand, enterprises, universities and research academies will work together to develop the region into an important innovation hub and a major base for translation of research findings of the Asian-Pacific region.

The region will also speed up the construction with its infrastructures for transportation, energy, water conservancy, and information.

It will closely link with Hong Kong, Macao and the peripheral areas, and develop itself into the most open, convenient, efficient, and secure hub for both passenger and cargo flows in the Asian-Pacific region.

PRD, under the outline, will push forward the improvement of rural areas, better the resource allocation within the region and the surrounding areas so as to form a new pattern of coordinated urban and rural development. The outline stressed farmland protection and land efficiency along with the urbanization and economic development. The region will make strenuous efforts in reducing the waste of energy, water, and materials, boost the comprehensive utilization of resources, enforce clean production, and thus develop an environmental-friendly economic development mode.

The improvement of the living qualities of its residents is another focus of the outline. The region is to improve its education, employment, healthcare, pension, and housing.

By 2020, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Zhuhai will establish cooperative higher education institutions with 3 to 5 famous foreign universities.

The system for preventing, controlling and treating major diseases and the basic medical service system in rural and urban areas will be upgraded.

The house leasing system will be implemented to meet the basic housing needs of the fresh employees, mid- and low-income families with housing difficulties, and eligible non-permanent residents.


PRD will also conduct cooperation with international economic regions and emerging markets at multiple levels. Under the framework agreement on China-ASEAN Free Trade Area, Guangdong will set up dialogue and coordination mechanisms with relevant organizations of ASEAN countries.

The province will also encourage enterprises with financial and technological advantages to conduct cooperation in ASEAN countries on resource exploitation, product marketing, infrastructure construction, cultivation and processing of agricultural produce, and breeding and processing of aquatic products.

Guangdong officials will also en-courage tourism cooperation with and expand cooperation with the EU and NAFTA on economy, technology, talent, and trade.

The province will explore new markets in India, Russia, Brazil and the Middle East region.

Officials will also strengthen economic and trade cooperation with Australia, New Zealand and countries in South America and Africa.

The province will also make use of various cooperation platforms, including the China (Guangzhou) Export Commodity Fair, China (Guangzhou) Small and Medium Enterprises Fair, China (Shenzhen) Hi-Tech Fair and the other international business and trade fairs.


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