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[SZ]'LEO: The Anti-Gravity Show' is all-ages fun(Dec.16-17)

2014-December-15       Source: Szdaily.com

"LEO" follows a solitary, Charlie Chaplin-like silent character trying to make sense of a world turned 90 degrees.

Time: 8 p.m., Dec. 16-17

Tickets: 80-380 yuan

Reservation: 400-185-8666

Venue: Huaxia Art Center, 1 Guangqiao Street, Overseas Chinese Town (南山区华侨城光侨街1号华夏艺术中心)

Metro: Luobao Line, OCT Station (华侨城站), Exit B(SD News)

"LEO: The Anti-Gravity Show" will be staged at Huaxia Art Center on Dec. 16-17.

"LEO" follows a solitary, Charlie Chaplin-like silent character trying to make sense of a world turned 90 degrees. The trick is created by a projected illusion that is very obvious to the audience. "LEO" is a mind-bending, funny, surreal, and surprisingly touching work that challenges the senses and tests perceptions of reality through the clever interplay of live performance and high-tech video projection. Universally appealing to adults and children, "LEO" leaves audience members wondering which way is up and which way is down.

Directed by Montreal actor and director Daniel Briere and based on an original idea by Tobias Wegner, "LEO" won several major awards at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

"This funny, charismatic, somewhat goofy character finds himself in this unusual situation and is trying to figure out what is going on," said the show's creative producer Gregg Parks. "Gravity has changed 90 degrees. Instead of walking on the floor, he is pulled to the walls."

Don't expect the actor to help explain it. Like Chaplin and fellow silent screen comic Harold Lloyd, Leo is mute, allowing the show to play around the world to different audiences without translation. "There is no hiding of the technique. It's sort of a joke. You spend your time enjoying it," said Parks. "It's one of those shows where everyone gets something out of it on their own level," he said. "We are telling the story of Leo's life, and it speaks to a much deeper personal issue beyond having a good laugh."


Editor: Jecey

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