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This weekend! The 11th Guangdong Dance Festival

2014-November-3       Source: Lifeofguangzhou.com

GDMC is going to bring back memories of its past years by giving a show of its outstanding productions. Exceptional outdoor shows will again capture your imagination through fresh styles. Are you ready to get into the spirit of the big party?
Are you ready to get into the spirit of the 11th Guangdong Dance Festival this year? To take it a stage further, at its 11th year anniversary, the festival will be coming to the Guangdong Art Festival for the first time. This means that modern dance has been playing a vital role in the cultural life of Guangdong, a place with a vibrant and cosmopolitan atmosphere.
This year, more than 40 performances will be staged in all 24 shows at the festival. Overseas dancers will gather around Guangzhou all the way from Italy, Canada, Israel, the United States, Singapore, Portugal, Japan and Holland. Meanwhile performers from Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan, Beijing, Guangzhou, Nanning and Zhuhai are going to make an appearance at the big party. Half of the 24 shows are of a community plan called “Flower City Adorned with Dance”. Dancers will give free shows in the public space like Guangdong Museum and children’s palace. The other performances can be found on the stages of Friendship Theater, Guangzhou Opera House, Guangdong Song &Dance Theater and Guangdong Modern Dance Company (GDMC) Theater.
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Opening performance—"Light of Change” by GDMC

(November 8, 7:30pm, Friendship Theater)

A performance by GDMC will have its premiere at the festival to perform the duties of the host like it always has on previous occasions. Looking back on the past through the program “Light of Change”, the team sums up its past ten years in 13 classical creations, picked out from all the pieces 1992 to the present day. “Bird Songs” was the first production of GDMC in 1992 when the company was founded. “I Want to Fly” was the work of Xing Liang, who won the Gold Award in the Modern Dance Section at the 8th Paris International Dance Competition in 1998. “Upon Calligraphy”, which is choreographed by Liu Qi, is internationally acclaimed. “Mustard Seed” is a successful creation since its world premiere in Vancouver early this year…All of the above are only a fraction of the excellent selection that is sure to bring back many memories.

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