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[双语] Shannxi cool noodles 陕西凉皮

2015-July-31       Source: Newsgd.com

Shannxi cool noodles is a common snack in Northwestern China.

Shannxi cool noodles is a common snack in Northwestern China. Most of them are made by wheat flour, but some of them made by rice flour and water starch.


Legend has it said Shannxi cool noodles was one of the favorite foods of First Emperor of Qin, which means the cool noodles has nearly 2000 years history.


What is the legend of the cool noodles? It is said that a drought hit a county of China in Qin Dynasty. Due to the terrible disaster, people could not hand in enough rice to central government. So, what can they do to pay the tax? A man call Twelve Li got an idea to handle this dilemma: he contributed a steamed wrapper which made by squashing rice to the King. Unexpectedly, the King really loved it after tasting the wrapper and ordered his servants to produce the wrapper every day. This is the beginning of cool noodles.


Do you want to enjoy a feeling to be a King? Let’s turn to next page and learn how to cook Shannxi cool noodles. Come on!

所以,你想享受当皇帝的感觉么? 想的话就赶紧翻去下一页学习如何制作陕西凉皮吧。快来!

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