Camping in Shenzhen
2013-February-8 Source: Szdaily web edition
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Xichong beach at sunset.

Campers enjoy music and ball games.

Maluan Mountain Park.


It's advisable to pitch your tent on open ground near water.

Xichong beach is a popular camping site.

If you are wondering how to have fun during this relatively warm winter, one good option is to camp and enjoy the wild side of Shenzhen.

In this season, you needn't worry about mosquitoes or sudden rainstorms if you camp on the mountain, which is a better place to camp than a beach.

Inexperienced campers should make full and careful preparation to guarantee a safe and enjoyable trip.

The most important thing about winter camping is to keep yourself warm. Considering the temperature difference between day and night, you should at least be equipped with a double-coated tent and a sleeping bag.

Your tent should be pitched in the opposite direction of the wind on open, hard and plain ground near water. In addition, the tent is only secure and firm if it is fastened by rocks on four corners.

To maintain their energy, campers should carry at least 2 liters of water and some high-calorie snacks in their backpacks. Sometimes, local residents will sell these items at the foot of the mountains.

People don't simply leave behind civilization and stay overnight in a remote area for the sake of it. Campers usually spend the time in conjunction with a range of activities.

"Participants make a fire, sit in a circle and do whatever they love, such as dancing, singing, playing cards and telling jokes," said Tang Yang, founder of a website, which organizes outdoor activities.

Shenzhen boasts a number of fine campsites. Maluan Mountain Park in Pingshan New Area is a popular destination to hike, ride and enjoy the moon and the sunrise. Thanks to its low altitude and long distance from the city center, it is covered with lush forests and blessed with fresh air.

Except for the natural beauty, you can also appreciate the ancient Hakka buildings, watchtowers, old wells and centuries-old camphor trees on the camping route.

Suppressed by the noisy and uninspiring downtown environment, citizens are eager to breathe and relax amid nature. While doing exercise in public parks or gyms can build the body, camping can free the mind.

"Without outdoor experience, I couldn't have known that the scenery was so beautiful in these remote areas. Exploring nature is much more meaningful than wandering in parks," said Wang Yong, a tour club member who just returned from Maluan Mountain Park.

A seaside city, Shenzhen harbors beautiful but less traversed beaches, such as Xichong, Dongchong, Judiaosha beaches and Dongjia Bay, in Nan'ao Peninsula. They are natural campsites that are a good location for barbecues, fishing, swimming, and holding a campfire party.

Those are the places where you can have a fantastic camping experience on hot days. While sailing along the shoreline, campers can enjoy the cool sea breeze, doze on the boat, watch the sunrise and even visit some islands.

Camping is not just about having fun. It also teaches participants to work together. Zhu Chongwang, a university student, said he realized the importance of teamwork through camping.

"We had to work together to put up the tent and then collect the firewood to keep warm at night. All this requires teamwork. Through this opportunity, I got to know some like-minded people," he said.

Where to camp

Maluan Mountain Park

Buses: 425, 443, 103, 360, 364, 365 (get off at Xiaomeisha stop, and walk several hundred meters)

Xichong beach

Buses: E11, 833, 364 to Nan'ao, then M232 to Xichong

Dongchong beach

Buses: E11, 833, 364 to Nan'ao, then 989 to Dongchong

Judiaosha beach

Buses: E11, 833, 364 to Nan'ao, then 967 to Judiaosha

Dongjia Bay

Buses: E11, 833, 364 to Nan'ao, then 967 off at Dongyu stop
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