Old Guangzhou
2013-January-14 Source: Szdaily web edition
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Relief in the walls of the Chen Clan Academy, Guangzhou.

On a blustery March day, my wife and I saw some wonderful features of "old Guangzhou" as we walked from one temple to the next. Here are some notes.

After visiting Liurong and Guangxiao temples, we walked past Gongyuanqian Station and turned right on tiny Jiaoyu Road. This took us past the Yaozhou Relic Site, once an islet in an artificial lake where alchemists worked on immortality formulas for Southern Han emperor Liu Yan (reigned 917-942). The lake was filled in during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), and a small garden with a pond stands on the site today.

Passing through Dafo Temple, we walked west on Huifu Road for over two kilometers, passing a small building labeled "Qingyun Shuyuan," a kind of academy first built in the early Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).

Then we reached the much bigger Five Immortals Temple, a place of great significance in Guangzhou's legendary history. As the story goes, around 9 B.C., five immortals riding goats came down and gave grain to the Cantonese people. They also left their footprints on the ground, which can still be seen in the temple's gardens.

Reaching Kangwang Road South, we turned left to another small building, the Jinlun Guild Hall which stands just east of Hualin Temple. Formerly located about 80 meters south, it was relocated in 2001, and remains "the only well preserved silk guild hall."

After visiting Hualin, we took a train from nearby Changshoulu Station to Chen Clan Academy, a late-Qing institution now housing the Guangdong Folk Craftwork Museum.


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