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2013-January-7 Source: Szdaily web edition
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Different parts of Guangdong Province have their own distinct scenery, customs, delicacies and culture. A tour of the province can be highly rewarding and now is as good a time as any to take that tour. First, we will look at the east of the province.

Songkou Ancient Town in Meizhou. File photos

Eastern Guangdong has always been a popular destination for tourists due to its mountains, hot springs, ancient villages and coastal scenery. However, as well as the famous tourist destinations, there are plenty of others that are off the beaten track and unlikely to be too busy during a holiday.

With the opening of the new Guangzhou-Heyuan Expressway, Heyuan and Meizhou are now much more accessible from other parts of Guangdong. If you are interested in traditional Hakka culture, they are just about the best places you can go.

The road will be very crowded during holidays, so it is better to avoid going there during peak travel times.

Ancient villages

There are many ancient villages and towns in eastern Guangdong, and many of them are barely known. Among them, Longchuan Ancient Town is one of the most outstanding examples for its long history and rich culture. The town has a history of hundreds of years with many well-preserved buildings and historical relics.

Meizhou also has several beautiful ancient towns such as Yanyang Town and Songkou Ancient Town. The two areas have deeply entrenched Hakka culture and are good places in which to try local Hakka food.

Coastal scenery

In eastern Guangdong, there are many islands and coastal bays, such as Xunliao Bay in Huizhou, Red Coastal Bay in Shanwei and Nan'ao Island in Shantou.

It may take some time to get to these places, but the positive side of this is that there will not be many tourists in winter.

Guangdong's coastal areas are no less beautiful in winter than during any other season. For example, there are many distinctly shaped mountains and rocks at Xunliao Bay, while Red Coastal Bay is famous for its variety of caves. A seafood dinner by the beach at midnight is something that cannot be missed when staying on Nan'ao Island in Shantou as all the ingredients are fresh.

All these areas have well-facilitated holiday resorts and hotels. It is ideal for those who want to take a break from the big city and enjoy a quiet getaway with family and friends.

Hot spring resorts

There are spa resorts such as the Dipai Hot Spring Resort in Huizhou and Relong Hot Spring Holiday Resort in Heyuan.

At the Dipai Hot Spring Resort, music is played while guests receive hot spring treatment, which is the first of its kind in the country, while the Relong resort has more than 10 spring pools at different temperatures.

The most popular natural scenic spots in eastern Guangdong are Wanlu Lake in Heyuan and Nankun Mountain in Huizhou.

There are more than 360 islands on the Wanlu Lake and strange rocks and rare species can be found on Nankun Mountain. Tourists can also try fresh fish from the lake.

Hakka-style houses in Yanyang Town.

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