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Celebrating Qiqiao Festival in Tianhe District

2014-July-24       Source: Lifeofguangzhou.com

Qiqiao Festival, one of the traditional festivals in China, will fall on August 2 this year. Foreign friends are invited to Zhucun Village for a local experience on that day!

Date and Time: 3:00 pm, Saturday, August 2, 2014

Place: Zhucun Village, Zhongshan Dadao, Tianhe District

Fee: Free

Qiqiao Festival, one of the traditional festivals in China, will fall on August 2 this year. We hold hands with Tianhe district government and invite some foreign friends to Zhucun Village for a local experience on that day!

In order to preserve traditional culture, the government is going to hold a series of events related to Qiqiao Festival in Zhucun Village in Tianhe District. You can try on the Han Chinese Clothing which was the traditional costume of the nation worn for millennia and has become representative of the characteristics of the Han nationality. You can also practice what weaver maids do before they really starting their sewing work—threading the needles! See those holes which are tinier than tiny? It is really a challenge!

Besides, worshiping Qiniang is an important ritual in Qiqiao Festival. Qiniang is a deity who is said to be Zhinü. She protects children from danger when they are growing up, so people will thank Qiniang for what she did for the children on the festival. Are you interested in the details of the grand ritual and the contents of a Qiniang banquet?

If you want to join us to visit this ancient village and participate in this big festival, send an email to lifeofguangzhou@126.com to include your name, nationality, mobile number and GENDER (for booking the Han Chinese Clothing). We will reply to confirm your registration ASAP.

About Qiqiao Festival

Qiqiao Festival, also known as Magpie Festival, is regarded as the Chinese Valentine’s Day. It is on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month in the Chinese calendar. This is the only day in a year when Zhinü (weaver maid) and Niulang (cowherd) have chance to meet. Legend has it that magpies would gather to build a bridge across the Silver River (symbolizing the Milky Way) so that the two lovers were able to step onto the "bridge” to hold each other’s hands. If it rains on that day, people see it as Zhinü’s tears of expectation and excitement.

It has been a tradition that girls always wish to learn to have a good handcrafting skill, just like Zhinü, because it is essential for the family. On Qiqiao Festival, young girls demonstrate their domestic arts and they also offered prayers to the Vega, the Zhinü star, and wish to have better handcrafting skills. Couples also pray for loyalty and life in connubial bliss.



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