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Yellah Fellah——group exhibition by three China-Australia artists

2014-July-11       Source: Newsgd.com

The group exhibition of three Australian artists Yellah Fellah is to be held in Redtory. They share something in common inspite of different growing-up environments and art styles.

Curator: Djon Mundine

Assistant curator: Catherine Croll

Artists: Gary Lee (NT), Sandra Hill (WA), and Jason Wing (Sydney)

Organizers: Cultural Partnerships Australia & Redtory Culture & Art Organization

Duration: From June 28, 2014 to August 17, 2014

Venue: Gallery E9, Guangzhou Redtory Art & Design Facto

Planned by the famous Australian indigenous curator Djon Mundine, and managed by the curator Catherine Croll, the group exhibition of three Australian artists Yellah Fellah is to be held in Redtory. Though completely different when talking about their growing-up environments and art styles, the three artists shares something in common---they have the same Chinese blood running in their veins. It is this special identity that gives this exhibition special meaning, which lies in the bilateral cultural communication between China and Australia. And there is no doubt that this kind of communication will stimulate inspiration for creation.

The exhibited artworks display the artists’ emotion, self-awareness and power due to their special identity, and tell the visitors their personal stories. And all of these make the visitors sense the tight relationship between the artworks and artists, and also make them realize the fact that work of art comes from inspiration of daily life.

As China-Australia hybrids, the artists sense their special responsibility for China, and based on their own experiences in China. They created a large amount of artworks with Chinese characteristics. Therefore, you can see some of their works reflecting the social problems in currentChina. For example, Scroll is the series of works created by Jason Wing after he saw the discrepancy between the romantic Chinese scroll and the busy middle-class Chinese as well as the fast economic development. Those scrolls remind us that we should not skip the importance of traditional culture when we are developing our economy.


Editor: Sylvia

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