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Imagined Landscape——Israel contemporary art exhibition

2014-July-10       Source: Newsgd.com

"Imagined Landscape", co-organized by Israel General Consulate Guangzhou and Redtory Culture & Art Organization, the exhibition displays the only Israel which lies in the heart of the artist, Aharon Gluska.

Artist: Aharon Gluska

Curator: Yaniv Shapira

Organizers: Israel General Consulate Guangzhou, Redtory Culture & Art Organization

Duration: July 1 - August 24, 2014

Venue: C1, Redtory

“Landscape is always the creation of the human mind and thus it also represents the personal memory of an individual, or the shared memory of a group.” --- Co-organized by Israel General Consulate Guangzhou and Redtory Culture & Art Organization, the exhibition displays the only Israel which lies in the heart of the artist, Aharon Gluska.

In Israeli culture, landscape has always been perceived as expressing a relationship of belonging to a place. This point of view enables us to understand the panoramic landscapes of Aharon Gluska (Israel, 1951) on exhibition here. At an early age, Gluska became familiar with the paths and sights ofIsrael, at school and on trips whose purpose was to "know the country." Influenced both by the historically Jewish concepts and by the modern art, Gluska thinks quite differently from the other artists; as a result, his artworks show great difference from the other artists. Over the years, diverse groups of artists "painted" the local sights in different styles, but the iconic images of "Israeli landscape," is that of bare hilltops and desert wilderness.

However, every heart has a landscape that is made up by the imagination of our childhood. It may no longer be clear after we grow up, but it will always be irreplaceable. In the late 70’s Gluska moved to New York, where he was influenced by abstract art and created a new abstract painterly language. After about three decades in this international art center and after its influences had resonated in his work for years, Gluska felt that he had to find yet another artistic language which would express his longing for his childhood landscapes. Thanks to the desire, he had developed a unique technique: He dips large sheets of paper in baths of water, with emphasis on a specific temperature and with a combination of iodine, pigments, paint preservatives and a basis of glue. Using slight movement of the paper within the watery mixture he creates views of elemental landscapes forged by tectonic forces, visions of sandstorms and floods that have left their imprint in the desert spaces.

And this exhibition is not only to display the Israeli landscape in the artist’s heart, but also to explain the close relationship between human and landscape. As the artist said, “This is not the depiction of an identifiable landscape, but of views that are fruit of the imagination.” It is a place which is ostensibly "anywhere" but is in fact rooted in the longing to grasp the culture, the country and the language in which Gluska's identity was formed.

The wind blowing through the virgin empty landscapes where there is no human presence, disrupts their apparent silence and carries with it distant voices of longing for a familiar place.


Editor: 张斯

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