International Marriage: Sri Lanka Couple's Journey of Exploration in Guangdong
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   Randir's Collections

Randir: age 26 from Sri Lanka, now studying MBA from UK

Sweetly Huang, age 27 from China, marketing specialist

Randir first got to know Sweetly through the introduction of one of their friends. After several talks, they were surprised to find that they had so much in common such as an intense desire for knowledge, a sense of adventure to experience life and a spirit of inspiration and courage. These qualities are what moved these people to get married early this year.

The couple enjoys cooking for each other at home but what inspires them more are their journeys through Guangdong. "Most of the time I travel to rural areas of the province, sometimes to eat different food. The best place we've traveled to was Dan Xia mountain," said Randir.

"We explore the most hectic part of the city in the most economic way and at the same time experience the different kinds of travelling modes plus local cuisine," said Sweetly of a recent trip to Qingyuan.

The couple has their own website at, which records their personal travel experiences. Although they grew up in different environments and cultures, they couple have a profound understanding of each other.

Before marriage, Sweetly worked in Huizhou but quit in order to move to Guangzhou where she could be with Randir. "A lot of Chinese companies want to hire a Chinese national for their companies to work, if not, they want to hire a person from the USA, UK, or Europe. For people with Arabic and Indian origins, it is difficult," said Randir who is self-taught in web design and is about to get an MBA from UK.

Despite the fact that Randir's two websites are already profitable, he still has nowhere to show all the skills he is armed with. "I'm offered teaching jobs in China, but I am just not into the career," says Randir.

"Now I am collecting gemstones as a hobby," says Randir who knows that Sri Lanka is a country of gemstones. "I collect small diamonds with few cracks and impurities but that are not expensive. I am going to start a business next year," said Randir who is confident in his business plan to settle in Guangzhou.

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