Chaozhou Kung Fu tea standardized
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It is well known that the Chinese love tea. The Chaoshan Kung Fu tea ceremony has close to 200 years of history. People living in the Chaoshan region (Chaozhou and Shantou cities in eastern Guangdong province, regarded as one of the tea's most prominent traditional hometowns) drink the tea routinely in their daily life.


Initiated by Shantou Municipal Quality and Technology Supervision Bureau, Shantou Tourism Bureau and Shantou Tea Culture Association, the Guangdong Quality and Technology Supervision Bureau has recently released China's first draft of standardization of brewing procedures specifying the tools and steps of tea infusion. In the draft, Chaoshan Kung Fu Tea uses four pieces of teaware with ten steps for preparation, brewing, serving and aroma appreciation. Folk terminology for the tea culture is also included in the standardization.

In the Chaoshan dialect, Kung Fu Cha means "making tea by heart." Zheng Wenqiang, head of Shantou Tea Culture Association, said the draft could help protect and promote the historic tea culture. It also distinguishes the preparation processes of Taiwanese or Japanese teas.

How to make Chaoshan Kung Fu Tea

Up to 18 teawares are usually used in making Kung Fu Tea. According to the draft, four basic teawares (teapot, cup, tea kettle and stove) must be prepared for the ceremony.

After warming the equipment with boiled water, tea leaves should be readied in the teapot. The first round of tea is called "wash tea" and it is poured away by washing all the teaware again. From the second round, tea is poured into the kettle and soon filled into mouthful cups after scooping away the bubbles on the surface. Every round ends by the host collecting, washing and emptying all cups.

Round by round, the tea should be served to guests before oneself. Drinkers should appreciate the aroma first and have a quick taste in the month.

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