[Jiangmen] Gourmet streets & local specialties
2011-April-27 Source: Newsgd.com
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Street of Gourmet of Local Flavor



Baishi Gourmet Street at Jiangmen City

Located near the Gangkou Second Road in the eastern party of the city, the street is lined with various restaurants serving fresh sea food. In 1999, the first Jiangmen Gourmet Festival was held here, attracting numerous diners.


East Tiansha River Road Gourmet Street

Located at Li Cun village by the dike of Tiansha River; lined with numerous eating places mostly serving local-flavored snacks: fish slices porridge, porridge with preserved egg, water snake porridge, and dog and cat meat.


Chaojiang Gourmet Street

Babi Crayfish Restaurant, Meizizi Restaurant, Sisters Hot Pot Restaurant


Jianghua Road – Donghua Road

Little Fish Village Restaurant, Yiji Restaurant, Dajiaowan Restaurant


Section near Baisha Filling Station

Main Specialty Restaurant: Feizaiqin (Diligent Fat Boy) Restaurant


Riverside Seafood Street, Waihai

The 1300-meter street is on the west bank of the West River and 10 kilometers from Jiangmen City. Adjacent to Jiangmen city proper and Xinhui District and connected with Zhongshan through the Waihai Bridge, it enjoys convenient transportation. A number of upscale restaurants have been set up like Newbridge Sea Food, Wuyi Sea Food, Carp Gate, and Dekun Restaurants.


Game Food Street

located at Guifeng Mountain Scenic Area: featuring dozens of restaurants and eating places specializing in local wild vegetables and game.


Guangming East Road Gourmet Street

located in Kaiping city proper featuring seafood.


Taishan Gourmet Streets

located in the west and at the south gate of Taishan's Ring Road featuring seafood and snacks of local flavor.


Heshan Food Culture Plaza

A garden style gourmet plaza covering an area of 30,000 square meters featuring restaurants, open-air bars, and open-air stage performances.


Enping Gourmet Street

located along the River Dike and extending for 3500 meters, the street operates overnight and features snacks of local flavor, fish porridge, raw fish porridge, snail porridge, water snake porridge, chicken porridge, glutinous rice balls, seafood, and lettuce spilled with soup.



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