Liuzu Memorial Temple Fair
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The Liuzu Memorial Temple Fair was first initiated in 714 AD of mid Tang Dynasty by Liuzu's disciples Fahai and Shenhui. Other followers joined the gathering spontaneously. This event is based on the commemoration of Liuzu Huineng and the worship of his ideology and culture. Over more than 1000 years, the event went on generation after generation with relatively fixed timetable and stable traditional procedures. It's a large-scale religious gathering and folk culture event in Xinxing as well as south China with distinct characteristics, reflecting traditional beliefs, folklore and customs, as well as Buddhist rituals.

Statue of Sixth Patriarch Master Monk (Liuzu) Huineng

During the event, the county's major temples, such as Longshan Guo'en Temple, Liuzu's former residence, and Longtan Temple host Buddhist rituals featuring reading aloud of sutra, morning worship, paying respect to Buddha and ancestors, worshipping Buddha, prayer, feeding ghosts, saving all lives, evening worship and confession. There are also activities such as releasing lives, passing on lamps, Buddhist lectures, vegetarian feast, tasting Buddhist lychee and worshipping Buddhist relics. These activities take different forms and are rich in content to commemorate Liuzu Huineng Zen Master, allowing people to understand the all-encompassing nature of Liuzu's ideology and culture. They also help pray for equality, good weather, enjoyable life, harmonious society, prosperity and safety, as well as world peace.

Liuzu Temple

In recent years, the local government and religion management departments hosted many sessions of Liuzu Cultural Festival based on the Liuzu Memorial Temple Fair. Apart from continuing the traditional activities of the Liuzu Memorial Temple Fair, they have added new contents such as exploring, inheriting, and promoting Liuzu's ideology and culture, further enriching the tradition Liuzu Memorial Temple Fair.

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