Guangdong Maritime Silk Road Museum
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Guangdong Maritime Silk Road Museum is a theme museum to conserve, display and research on NanhaiⅠ, the ancient shipwreck of Song Dynasty, with visitors being able to observe the ongoing excavation of the ship. Situated in the Five-kilometer-long Silver Beach, the museum is one of high priority programs of Guangdong to construct the powerful cultural province.

The external view of Guangdong Maritime Silk Road Museum 

It is invested 200 million RMB by Guangdong government and an area of about 1.3 billion square meters by Yangjiang government. The foundation was laid in December 28, 2004. The museum was officially built in December 28, 2005 and opened to the public in December 24, 2009.

The museum comprises total floor space of 12288 square meters and building area of 19404 square meters. Its distinguishing architectural features, expressing the combination of marine culture and Southern China's architecture style, make the museum a remarkable architecture in China or even the world.

Guangdong Maritime Silk Road Museum

Exhibition of the museum is composed of standing exhibition, exhibition of treasures and temporary exhibition. There are three exhibition halls in the museum.

No.1 Exhibition Hall: containing exhibition area of Maritime Silk Road history, exhibition area of treasures and exhibition area of underwater archaeology.

No.2 Exhibition Hall: containing foyer, exhibition area of Yangjiang cultural Relics and exhibition area of sea and ocean.

No.3 Exhibition: that is Crystal Palace which includes underwater sightseeing corridor and platform of underwater archaeology. It mainly exhibits NanhaiⅠ, the merchant ship of the Song Dynasty which has been stayed in the sea for 800 years. The two sides exhibit elegant porcelain wares, tin wares from NanhaiⅠand ship models.

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