Guangdong's museums (2)
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Museum Address Telephone
Liao Zhongkai--HeXiangning Museum Inside College, Fangzhi Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou 020-84429993
Museum of Luxun No.215, Wenming Road, Guangzhou 020-83802780
Provincial Museum of Guangdong No.215, Wenming Road, Guangzhou 020-83838432
Museum of Guangzhou Uprising No.200, Qiyi Road, Guangzhou 020-83341321
Museum of National Institute of Peasant Movement No.42, Zhongshan Si Road, Guangzhou 020-83333936
Guangzhou Museum of Art No.13, Luhu Road, Guangzhou 020-83659202
Guangzhou Museum Zhenhai Building, YuexiuPark, Guangzhou 020-83330355
Southern (Nan) Yue King Tomb No. 867, Jiefang Bei Road, Guangzhou
Southern (Nan) Yue king Ruin No.316, Zhongshan Si Road 020-83357045
Museum of Huangpu Military Academy Changzhou Island, Huangpu, Guangzhou 020-82201082
Palace of Southern Yue King No.316, Zhongshan Si Road, Guangzhou 020-83361029
Memorial Museum of Generalissimo Sun Yat-sen's Mansion No.18, Dongsha Street, Fangzhi Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou 020-34281366
Museum of Chen Shuren No.10 Shuqian Road 020-87752582
Museum of Gao Jianfu No.87, Zhuzhi Street, Panfu Road, Guangzhou 020-81364905
Guangdong Museum of Folk Arts No.34, Silong Lane, Zhongshan Qi Road, Guangzhou
Site of former National Labor Union Yuexiu Nan Road, Guangzhou 020-83815749
Site of Vietnamese Youth Training No.250, Wenming Road, Guangzhou 020-83837408
Guangzhou Museum of Art Inside Yuexiu Park, Guangzhou 020-83541016
Museums in other cities
Shaoguan Museum No.22, Fengcai Road, Shaoguan 0751-8883032
Shenzhen Museum Tongxin Road, Tannan Zhong Road, Shenzhen
Zhuhai Museum 2/F, S Building, Jiuzhou Avenue, Jida District, Zhuhai 0756-3332347
Shantou Museum Inside Zhongshan Park, Shantou 0754-8272498
Foshan Museum No.21, Zumiao Road, Foshan
Foshan Liangyuan Museum (Liang Garden) No.93, Xianfeng Gu Street, Songfeng Road, Foshan 0757-2241279
Jiangmen Museum (Museum of Chen Baisha) No.32, Renxian Lane, Baisha, Jiangmen 0750-3555447
Zhanjiang Museum No.50, Nanfang Road, Cikan District, Zhanjiang 0759-3336241
Maoming Museum No.51, Xinhu Road, Maoming 0668-2288631
Zhaoqing Museum Mei'an, Xijiang Road, Duanzhou District, Zhaoqing 0758-2232968
Huizhou Museum Inside Zhongshan Park, Huizhou 0752-2235560
Meizhou Oversea Chinese Museum Meilong Road, Jiangnan, Meizhou
Heyuan Museum Guifeng Tower, Nandi Road, Yuancheng District, Heyuan 0762-3333596
Yangjiang Museum Inside Yuanyanghu Park, Yangjiang
Qingyuan Museum Xiahaoji, Qingyuan County, Qingyuan 0763-3332817
Dongguan Keyuan Museum (Ke Garden) No.25, Daqiao Dong Road, Dongguan, 0769-2223600
Dongguan Museum No.48, Xinfen Road, Dongguan 0769-2221596
Zhongshan Museum No.197, Sunwen Zhong Road, Shiqi Town, Zhongshan 0760-8825249
Sun Yat-sen Former Residence Cuikeng County, Zhongshan
Rao Zongyi Academy No.15, Dongcheng Jiao, Xiashuimen Street, Chaozhou 0768-2253237
Han Yu Museum Hanwen Temple, Qiaodong (East to the Bridge), Chaozhou 0768-2523581
Chaozhou Museum Yuxue Palace, Haiyang County, Chaozhou 0768-2231362
Jieyang Museum No.7, Handong Road, Rongcheng District, Jieyang 0663-8622792
Yunfu Museum Inside the Building of Culture Bureau of Yunfu Municipality, No.13, Paifang Road, Yunfu 0766-8821657
Shunde Museum No.1, Xianxi Road, Daliang Town, Shunde 0765-2224995
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