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2014-June-19 Source: www.lifeofguangzhou.com
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Guangzhou Elizabeth Women’s Hospital is going to hold a prenatal education concert on Saturday, June 28. The would-be mothers will have a chance to enjoy beautiful music and learn more about prenatal education. Now you can win free tickets for the concert!

Read the following article about prenatal education music and answer the questions. Send an email to lifeofguangzhou@126.com with your answers, name, nationality and mobile phone number. The first five participants having the correct answers can win two free tickets for the concert! The deadline of the game will be on June 20 and the winners will be contacted by us in email. Good luck!

How to Choose Prenatal Education Music?

Medical research shows that music indeed stimulates growth in fetal brains. However, the maternal and fetal experts of Guangzhou Elizabeth Women’s Hospital pointed out that not all music is proper for prenatal education.

In the choice of music, prenatal education music should be selected professionally. Pregnant mothers should listen to soft and soothing light music, while fast-tempo symphony, especially rock ‘n’ roll and disco are not suitable for expecting mothers.

Furthermore, frequency, rhythm, intensity and decibel range of the prenatal education music should resonate as closely as possible with fetal sounds.

Specifically, prenatal education music should satisfy conditions below:

1. The rhythm should not be too fast and volume not too loud. Too fast or too loud makes the fetus nervous and uncomfortable.

2. The melody cannot be too high because the fetus brain is incompletely developed so that the isolations between brain nerves have not completed. And high melody will cause serial stimulations between nerves to damage the brain.

3. No suddenly loud sounds or too dramatic music.

4. To keep the prenatal education music to a reasonable length. 5-10 min for each song is better and keep it circulated. The newborn baby has the same feelings of safety as in the womb after he is familiar with the music which helps to comfort the baby’s emotions.

5. The music should have the feature of delighted emotions and harmony.


1. What kinds of music are not good for the would-be mothers?

2. What is the proper length for one song in prenatal education?


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