[SZ]Dance show from Guangxi[Jun.14-15]
2014-June-11 Source: Szdaily web edition
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Time: 8 p.m., June 14-15

Tickets: 180-380 yuan

Reservations: 400-610-3721

Venue: Huaxia Art Center, 1 Guangqiao Street, Overseas Chinese Town (南山区华侨城光侨街1号华夏艺术中心)

Metro: Luobao Line, OCT Station (华侨城站), Exit B


"Hundred Birds Costume"

Nanning Art Theater from the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region will present the dance show "Hundred Birds Costume" at Huaxia Art Center this weekend.

"Hundred Birds Costume" is an old folk story set in Guangxi that reflects on people's battles against their oppressors and their wish for a peaceful life. In this fantasy story, poor man Zhang Yayuan meets a rooster when he's collecting firewood, so he takes the rooster home. After half a year, the rooster becomes a beautiful woman and marries him. They live happily with each other, but a local official learns of this and snatches Zhang's wife away. Before the departure, the woman tells Zhang to shoot 100 birds, make a cloak of their feathers and wear it to meet her at the official's home after 100 days. To save his wife, Zhang goes through hardship, passing 99 rivers and 99 mountains to shoot down 100 birds. On the 100th day, Zhang wears the cloak to meet his wife and the official. The woman smiles when she sees Zhang. The official takes off his robe to exchange it for Zhang's feathered one to please the woman. This gives Zhang a chance to kill the official.

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