[GZ]The Exhibition of Movie-Posters:A Peep of the Screen(Jun.24)
2014-May-26 Source: Newsgd.com
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Time: 24/05/2014-24/06/2014

Place: Hall E7, Redtory Art & Design Factory

In December 28th, 1895, the French Lumiere brothers screened the short movie Arrival of a Train at La Ciotatin a canteen in Paris. At that time, the poster named The Lumiere is possibly the first movie poster in the world.

Early movie posters were used only for the promotion of movies, which is hand-painted, and at present the authentic works can hardly be found. That’s the reason why the original hand-painted posters of famous Hollywood movies, such as Gone With Wind, Breakfast at Tiffany's and Casablanca, have such a high artistic value. With the improvement of poster production and the use of illustration, photographs, computer painting and simple combination characters, movie poster has gradually become a unique form of art, which is an important part of design collections. In ordinary circumstances, the poster collectors only collect the original movie posters, and first few versions are much-loved because of their rareness. This exhibition of movie-posters is the second time held by 916 Art Studio. In 2013, Professor Wang Shouzhi donated his large number of movie-posters to the Design Museum of China Academy of Art. The posters exhibited here are well selected after donation from Professor’s collection.

From May 24th to June 24th in 2014, this collection of posters are going to meet with our dear visitors in Hall E7 of Redtory.

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