50 Historic Sites in Paris--- Zenghou CHENG Photographic Exhibition
2014-May-22 Source: Newsgd.com
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Time: May 17, 2014-July 13, 2014

Place: F10 Gallery, Redtory Art&Design Factory , Guangzhou

Special Activities:

Lecture 1: “Rambling Among the Historic Sites of Paris” Lecturer: Zenghou CHENG

Time: 14:30, June 14, 2014 Place: F10 Gallery

Lecture 2: “Travel Through the History of Paris” Lecturer: Mili DAI

Time: 14:30, June 21, 2014 Place: F10 Gallery

Emerson, the famous 19th Century American writer, once said, “France built Paris for the world.” And the 20th Century novelist Hemingway also said, “Paris is a flowing feast.” Paris is a place of talented people, a synonym of high fashion, a famous city of its history, and the capital of world revolution. Today, Paris is full of scenic spots and historic sites. Taken as a whole, both sides of River Seine has been acknowledged as world cultural heritage; and UNESCO heritage committee put efforts to emphasize the introduction of Paris: “From the Louvre to Eiffel Tower, or from Place de la Concorde to the museum in Grand and Small Palace, we can both see evolution of Paris and its historic development alongside Seine. Notre Dame de Paris and Saint Hall are the masterpiece in architecture; and the broad squares and streets constructed by Osman have influenced the city construction of 19th and 20th century all over the world.”

Professor Zenghou CHENG is a famous interpreter of Hugo literature, who ordinarily travels between Guangzhou and Paris for many years. Surrounded by the rich history of Paris, and because of his love for and knowledge of Paris, he has taken plenty of photos through the eyes of a literary researcher. In this exhibition hosted by Redtory Culture & Art Organization, and Guangzhou French League, Professor Cheng selected his 85 photographic works of the 50 famous historic sites, together with his published translation versions of Hugo literature, to show the visitors a living Paris in the aspect of culture, photography, and literature as well.


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