Kun Opera: A Dream under the Southern Bough by Kun Opera House of Jiangsu Performing Arts Group
2014-May-15 Source: Newsgd.com
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The first full-length Kun opera performance of Tang Xianzu’s (1550-1616) literary masterpiece, A Dream under the Southern Bough (Record of Southern Bough), presented in the past century. Jiangsu Province Kun Opera Theatre, one of the four most prestigious Kun Opera companies from China, teams up with contemporary theater award-winning director, Chia-ming Wang and renowned designers from Taiwan to present a revival featuring Kun Opera artists of the highest calibre on October 18-21, 2012 at National Theatre in Taipei, Taiwan.

A Dream under the Southern Bough, written by great dramatist Tang Xianzu (1550-1616), is considered one of the “Four Dreams” masterpieces, alongside with The Peony Pavilion. If The Peony Pavilion was an intoxication of blossoming love manifested by young heroine, A Dream under the Southern Bough is the full cycle of love matured in an awakening from illusions of love and life with the hero, Chun Yufen.

The Plot

The story is one of magic realism depicting a tipsy Chu Yufen falling asleep under a tree and dreamt of becoming the governor and married the princess of the ant kingdom, Huai-An. Life was good for twenty years and he raised a great big family, content with his life in the ant kingdom. Chu Yufen’s governing prefecture, Nanke, then came under invasion and Chu lost the battle and his princess to the defeat. The King became distrustful of Chu and sentenced him to exile back to his reality. Chu woke up under the tree to see but the tea by his side was still warm, and the dream of a lifetime in the ant kingdom was merely a shuteye. The morale is none other than “life is like a dream” wrapped up in a magical story.

Performance Time:5/17-18 (Sat-Sun) 7:30pm

Performance Venue:Opera Hall, Guangzhou Opera House

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