[GZ] Immortals - Mexican embroidery exhibition(Oct.12-Nov.10)
2013-October-10 Source: Newsgd.com
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Opening: 15:00, 12th Oct, 2013

Date:12th Oct - 10th Nov, 2013

OPEN/Tue-Sun 11:00-23:00; Close/Mon

Venue:3F, GOELIA 225, No. 225, Beijing Road, Guangzhou, China

Tel: 020-83360050 83360550

Mexican folk art, called in Spanish artesanías, are a symbol of tradition and deep-rooting, as much as they have been the axis for cultural creation, they play a key role in productive activities of the Mexican people and in them we observe the reflection of our origins and traditions.

Folk art has been envisaged to occupy a central practical role in everyday life, as daily usage use objects such as clothes, chests, pottery, paper, cult objects, among many others. The knowledge about artesanías and their techniques is generally handed down from parents to children, encouraging in that way tradition and becoming an integral part of the cultural heritage of communities.

Folk art is commonly developed at home and in most instances in the rural milieu, combined with the livelihood activities such as fishing, mining, hunting and agricultural activities.

Artisans use natural resources for the design and production of their pieces, and in them they transform nature’s capricious forms, they reinvent them and shape them into their particular world vision and the setting that surrounds them. In this way we find subjects that link culture with environment, society with nature.

Mexico is a multicultural country with an ample biological diversity, along all its territory an infinite gallery of folk products representing every region is present.

In this glimpse through some of Mexico’s textile embroidery folk art we are able to recognize its uniqueness and centuries old tradition and portray the distinctiveness of its color and ornamentation.

The General Consulate of Mexico and GOELIA have developed a close relationship starting from the interest of this Firm to obtain inspiration for its designs in the Mexican culture. In this sense, it is that there has been an active cooperation as the sensibility of the Chinese company matches the appreciation and the pride of Mexico for its cultural expressions, which has been interpreted by GOELIA in a successful way.

The attention that GOELIA pays to embroidery and textile work has been expressed in other exhibits. Nonetheless, in this occasion the exhibition is also the result of the friendship between two cultures.

Parking Information:

You may use the parking garages nearby below.

Dongbao Parking: No.8, Jiaoyu Road(behind LiDo Hotel)

Teemall Store-Beijing road branch Parking: No.238, Beijing Road



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