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2013-January-17 Source: Newsgd.com
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When architecture surpasses the assembly of "four walls and a window", revolutions on the space inside and outside of the architectures of being spontaneous emergence because of the time and technologies are improved as well as human needs are demanded. Interactive Architecture, Digital Architecture,and BIM(Building Information Modeling)are the new technologies and exploration combined with times and the needs of human life.

If art comes from life, so is architecture. The Exhibition "Digital Sustainability" is the attempt to combine art and architecture with mathematical logic. Dr. Karsten Harris, Professor of Philosophy Department, Yale University who investigatory project of Architectural Ethnics for over 50 years, defined architecture as "Art with Responsibility". From this point of view, Interactive Architecture functionalizes architecture with senses and operated like a brain.

The Exhibition is one of the academic studies of School of Architecture at SCUT (South China University of Technology). Taking theories of Pier Luigi Nervi (Italian Architect, Jun 21st, 1891-Jan 9th, 1979), Frei Otto (German Architect, Born in 1925), Felix Candela (Spain Architect, Jan 27th, 1910-Oct 7th, 1997) as blueprint, from the theories inject new research and exploration into "light", "sound", "heat" areas of Interactive Architecture.

Human beings live in deigned patterns. If some one who holds the key of making the patterns could unite senses with changes and demands of life and environment, this will be a benchmark of improvements and considerations. Just like art could enrich some parts of humans' spiritual corner, architecture, as real body that bring freshness to our eyes everyday, if could be "Art with Responsibility", cities will be full of vitality.

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