[SZ]12 Girls Band weaves folk allure (Feb 1)
2010-January-11 Source: Szdaily web edition
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12 Girls Band (Photo: xinhuanet.com)

Hailing from Beijing, 12 Girls Band will wow Shenzhen audiences with a multi-cultural array of pieces which range from Chinese traditional and folk tunes to pop smash hits and iconic jazz masterpieces.

12 Girls Band originally consisted of 12 musicians before the addition of a 13th. The band uses traditional Chinese instruments to play both traditional Chinese and Western music. Formed in June 2001, the women were selected by audition from more than 4,000 contestants. Each woman is classically trained, and the band members come from various musical institutions nationwide, including the China Academy of Music and the Chinese National Orchestra.

The group debuted their modern compositions on ancient instruments in China and Japan during the summer of 2003. Their debut album, entitled "Eastern Energy," was released in North America in August 2004 and included cover versions of Coldplay's "Clocks" and Enya's "Only Time."

Among the instruments used by the women are the erhu (Chinese fiddle), pipa (pear-shaped lute), guzheng (zither), yangqin (hammered dulcimer), dizi (transverse flute), and xiao (vertical flute). Occasionally, the duxianqin (single-stringed zither) and hulusi (three-piped gourd flute) are also employed.

Time: 8 p.m., Feb 1

Tickets: 100-880 RMB

Reservations: 400-810-3721

Venue: Citizens' Center, Fuzhong Road 3, Futian District

Buses: 15, 34, 35, 38, 41, 60, 64, 71, 76, 105, 107, 221, 232, 234, 235, 236, 244, 311, 373, 374, 371, 391

Metro: Shi Min Zhong Xin Station (Citizens' Center Station ), Exit B

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