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Meizhou builds the “Hakka World• Longevity Meizhou” tourism brand

2018-December-9       Source: Newsgd.com

On December 5th, the “Hakka World• Longevity Meizhou” tourism brand conference and the “Hakka Cuisine Master” project were held in Meizhou city.

The “World Hakka Capital• Longevity Meizhou” tourism brand conference.[Photo/Xinhua]

On December 5th, the “World Hakka Capital • Longevity Meizhou” tourism brand conference and the “Hakka Cuisine Master” project were held in Meizhou city.

Nearly 500 guests from more than 10 countries, and 19 provinces gathered to promote the green and healthy development of Meizhou tourism and deepen the development of the “Hakka Chef” project.

“Government have always placed the development of tourism in an important position. As a powerful starting point for adjusting transformation and stable growth, we have taken advantage of tourism resources. The rapid development of tourism and the further enlargement of the brand effect, tourism is becoming a new energy for Meizhou's economic development.” Zhang Chen, deputy mayor of Meizhou Municipal Government, said in the conference. After many researches, Meizhou has adopted “World Guest Capital, Longevity Meizhou” as the Meizhou tourism brand and promoted it.

Meizhou has been rated as one of the “Belt and Road” tourism promotion top ten cities, successfully selected as the “National Global Tourism Demonstration Zone”, and represented the Guangdong Province in the third national tourism demonstration zone creation work conference. In 2015 and 2016, on the basis of the city's continuous advanced city of “toilet revolution’, in 2017, it won the “National Toilet Revolution Promotion Award”. Meizhou has become an important tourist destination in the country, and the tourism industry has made positive contributions to the city's economic and social development.

Chengde Building.[Photo/ Newsgd]

Meizhou Tourism Bureau actively builds the “World Hakka Capital • Longevity Meizhou” tourism brand, because Meizhou is the world's Hakka capital, and is the most representative Hakka settlement in the world. It has a long history and has a profound humanistic accumulation of thousands of Hakkas.

The last stop of the Hakka people's move to the south is also the main starting point for the Hakka people to spread the four seas since the Ming and Qing dynasties. At the same time, Meizhou is also the hometown of longevity. The Jiaoling County under its jurisdiction is the “longevity township of the world”. Meixian, Fengshun, Jiaoling and Taipu are “the hometown of longevity in China”. Meizhou is a selenium-rich soil area, which is 1.75 times the national standard medium selenium-rich 0.4 mg/kg soil. “Longevity Meizhou” is worthy of its name.

Editor: Xiaowen

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