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Have you ever tried Chinese-style ice cream?

2018-June-22       Source: Newsgd.com

During summer, it is difficult to resist an ice cream, and in Huangpu Ancient Port, there is a restaurant, famous for its ice cream

During summer, it is difficult to resist an ice cream, and in Huangpu Ancient Port, there is a restaurant, famous for its ice cream, called "歎雪糕" (which in Cantonese means ‘enjoying ice-cream’)

Four red lanterns hang in front of the shop, against a gray brick wall with a splash of red paint.

The restaurant does not appear big with only 3 tables in the ground floor dining area. Fortunately, there is an open-air terrace on the roof. Enjoying ice cream with a view across rustic Huangpu Ancient Port is an awesome way to unwind!

The restaurant’s owner is determined to create 120 flavors of ice cream featuring elements of traditional Chinese cuisine. So what's on the menu? Let’s take a look at some of the ice creams on offer right now...

Sour - Plum syrup

Plum syrup ice cream uses more than a dozen ingredients. The soaking, brewing and freezing process takes at least one day. It’s really quite tart, but refreshing like a smoothie. If you can’t handle sour stuff though, maybe give this one a miss.

Sweet & Sour - Cherry & Blueberry Yogurt

If you think the "Plum syrup" might be too tangy for your tastebuds, these two sweet and sour ice creams take the edge off the sourness.

Blueberry yogurt ice-cream→

Yantai Cherry ice-cream→

This is a softer ice cream a little on the sweeter side.

Bitter - Yunnan Baoshan Coffee

Ground coffee, from Baoshan, Yunnan, mixed with ice-cream, this flavor balances bitterness and sweeter notes, definitely not as bitter as an espresso, with a lingering fragrant aftertaste.

Ice cream can be served in a tub or in a delicious light and crispy cone.

Sweet - Rose & lychee ice-cream

Lychee season is here! If you’ve ever eaten fresh lychees you’ll know this flavour is only for people who really like it sweet. The rose flavour is rather light, perfuming the ice cream more than flavouring it.

Aromatic - Brown sugar & sesame ice-cream

The nutty aroma of sesame paired with the sweetness of brown sugar, this is one well balanced delicious ice cream.

Flavours are updated every two weeks using seasonal fruits to make the freshest ice cream. The hot humid summer weekends are here, and this is a delicious way to beat the summer heat and enjoy historic Huangpu Ancient Port.

Huangpu Ancient Port

Huangpu Ancient Port

Huangpu Port, one of China's important ancient trading ports, witnessed the prosperity of the Maritime Silk Road in Guangzhou. Nowadays, it has become a comprehensive sightseeing spot with attractions including exhibitions, broadcasts, entertainment and relaxation. By paying a visit to this ancient village on a Friday afternoon, you are free to get closer to Cantonese history and culture, not to mention fresh and inexpensive local food that is available here.

Five Things You Must Do in Huangpu Port

1. Take photos with the Huangpu Village Memorial Archway.

2. Pray and make a vow in Pak Tai Temple.

3. Wander around the Ancient Bazaar to pick up some traditional craftwork.

4. Get to know the history and culture of Huangpu Village by visiting the history museums.

5. Send a postcard from a small boutique.

Addrerss: No. 608, Shiji Rd, Huangpu Ancient Port, Haizhu District

Opening hour: Mon.-Sun., 11:00-19:00

How to get there: Take metro Line 8 to Wanshengwai, Exit B, then takes bus No. 229 to Shiji Village


Editor: Xiaowen

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